BBL Forever Bare

BBL Forever Bare

Begin a hair removal treatment with cutting-edge process and equipment. The device we use during your treatment targets body areas with unappealing hair. The BBL device used in all procedures uses light beams to heat hair follicles gently. What makes this treatment stand out is the rapid results you get. It’s as quick as a falcon. This treatment gives you immediate and safe hair removal.

The most common areas treated with ForeverBare broadband light laser includes:


You may need 3-5 treatments, depending on the area of treatment. All procedures are performed at 4-6 week intervals to improve your results. Long-term results depend on your hair thickness. The growth rate of your hair also affects the results.

Don’t expose the area you’re going to treat to the sun for at least 3-4 weeks before the procedure. Other activities you’re prohibited from doing include waxing, threading, or tweezing.

All treatments are safe, and our esthetician makes sure you’re at ease during the procedure. A clear ointment with a gel texture is applied to your skin. Then, the BBL light beams are absorbed by your skin with a cooling device to minimize discomfort. The device is gently glided on your skin. You’ll start to feel warm sensations in the area being treated. You’ll wear safety shades to help protect your eyes from the light beam flashes – they’re harmless, but we care about your safety.

The duration of your treatment varies because it depends on the size of the treatment area. A small area takes a few minutes for most patients, while larger areas take up to thirty minutes.

After your treatment, you may get side effects, such as redness or irritation, which fade in a few hours. If you notice new hair growth after your treatment, they’re being dissolved from within the inner layers of the skin and aren’t regrowing. We recommend avoiding sun exposure and wearing an SPF moisturizer. You may continue your daily routines the same day of your treatment.

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