The Treatment

The Dermaplaning Procedure at Taylered Aesthetics is a three-step process that leads to exfoliated, bright “new skin.” After cleansing, our esthetician initiates the exfoliation process using a sterile surgical blade and light feathering strokes to remove vellus hair and surface dead skin cells. Then, it’s followed up with an enzyme peel to exfoliate the skin further. Lastly, stem cell growth factors are applied to the new skin to enhance further results. 

After Treatment Care

Our professional esthetician recommends you wear SPF on your face because, as with any skin renewal procedure, skin is at higher risk from UV light.


$80 Per Treatment

+ add to microneedling or
vi peel session for

Dermaplane Facial Treatment with Growth Factors


Your face, under the chin, and sides of the neck are treated with dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is great for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, acne scarring, and peach fuzz. The treatment usually takes about 30 minutes.

You’ll notice a brighter appearance the same day of your treatment. Results continue for the weeks following. 

It is recommended to have a dermaplaning treatment repeated every 4 to 6 weeks. This coincides with the natural skin cell turnover rate, which is approximately 28-30 days. 

Ensure you protect your skin from the sun for two weeks before your treatment. 

You may notice slight redness for a few hours and your skin can be more sensitive to the sun following a treatment.

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