BBL Hero Body

BBL Hero Body

BBL Hero Body rejuvenates the skin using the advanced Sciton BBL Hero system and treatment device. This treatment is perfect for those looking to treat sun damage and age spots throughout the body. 
The Forever Body treatment is a non-invasive procedure that lets you get back to your daily routines the same day of your treatment. The process we use allows for maximum comfort and when your treatment is complete, you’ll notice vibrant, smooth skin.
The best perk about this treatment device is that it’s versatile. Our providers treat multiple areas at once without any discomfort. The pulsed light device can also dissolve 
 from your skin in less than thirty minutes.

The pros of this treatment include:


The device flashes pulsed light beams on your skin to treat pigment deep within the skin’s dermis. The device is glided throughout the treatment area at a rapid rate. How can you determine if the device treated your skin correctly? The pigment darkens in color, and within a few days, your body removes the pigmented cells and produces new cells.

Each of the light beams makes your skin feel warm. This is a mild treatment with no discomfort, and that’s why patients don’t need anesthetic ointment. The warm sensation on your skin is comforting and renews the inner layers of your skin. 

Most patients see instant results, with improvement continuing in the following weeks. It can vary depending on the treatment area.

Use SPF if you need to go outside in sunny weather. Our recommendation is to limit sun exposure  at least two weeks before and after your treatment. This helps ensure optimal results and minimal discomfort. There is no recovery from this procedure, and you can continue your daily routines the same day of your treatment. 

You’ll need to ensure that you wear SPF and avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks after your treatment. Ensure that you hydrate your skin daily with a natural moisturizer because it keeps your skin looking healthy.

You may need 3 to 5 treatments, but you’ll see visible results from only one session. Each patient’s treatment plan is individualized to fit your needs.

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