Botox & Dysport

Botox & Dysport

The Science

Both Botox and Dysport are FDA-approved neurotoxins to temporarily improve the appearance of facial lines. The goal of treatment is to temporarily block muscle activity at injection sites, limiting movement, which prevents the development of new fine lines and wrinkles. The number of units needed depends on the individual.

The Treatment

Typically, the entire appointment will take about 20 minutes. The treatment is started by mapping out your facial muscles and then strategically placing each injection at the site. 

After Treatment Care

Results are typically reached 14 days after your treatment. We’ll take a more conservative approach if this is your first appointment, and you may need a two-week follow-up treatment. This ensures a more natural appearance and optimal results without the risk of overtreating. 

Botox & Dysport

$12 per unit

Botox Injections

Dysport Injections


You’ll see the results within a few days, but it may take two weeks for the complete results to appear on your skin. 

The number of months that results last varies for each patient and dose equals duration. Meaning, the more units you get, the longer your results will last.  For most patients, the skin improvements last about 3 months.  You’ll need to schedule follow-up Botox and Dysport treatments to maintain smooth skin.

For 4 hours following treatment, clients should maintain an upright position to avoid the spread of Botox or Dysport. It’s also recommended to avoid exercise and aggressively rubbing your face for 24 hours following the treatment.

Yes. If you get side effects, they’re mild and fade quickly. You may notice these symptoms after your treatment:
●       Redness
●       Headaches
●       Flu-like symptoms
●       Nausea
●       Bruising

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