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Women are often embarrassed to talk about their reduced sexual desire. They feel like they are not normal and that something is wrong with them. However, this is a common misconception, and they don’t know there are now vaginal rejuvenation treatments specifically for this reason. Reduced sexual desire is a natural part of life for many women, and it does not mean that there is anything wrong with them or their relationship. The first step in overcoming this embarrassment is to understand what causes reduced sexual desire in the first place. There are many reasons why women may experience this, including hormonal changes, stress, depression,medications, and more.

So can women do something about it? Yes, through vaginal rejuvenation. 

Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Women are often embarrassed to talk about vaginal rejuvenation. They feel like they are not supposed to talk about it.The taboo around vaginal rejuvenation is a result of the lack of education and awareness. Women don’t know that many different treatments are available for them, and they don’t know the benefits.That’s why medical clinics are becoming more open about this treatment. They are raising awareness that there is something women can do about their problems. If you have any concerns, these clinics are giving an ear and some advice too along the way. To know more about vaginal rejuvenation, read further about it in this article. That way, you are aware of how it may benefit you.

What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is the answer to your vaginal concerns. Most women, roughly 90%, do not seek assistance for their intimacy wellness issues, and women need to be more proactive about it! Through this treatment, you can regain your strength, confidence, and femininity—just as you once were when you were younger! It’s a minimally-invasive procedure, taking only a few maintenance steps on your part. Do it several times a day, and your vagina becomes youthful again.

It will renew the appearance of the vagina, addressing wrinkles, tightening the loose tissues, and restoring its natural lubricating ability. You can also use the treatment to correct post-birth changes or those that experienced some trauma to their pelvic area that has affected their vaginas. 

Who Can Take Advantage Of The Treatment?

Women currently experiencing pelvic prolapse, vaginal looseness, and post-pregnancy differences can use the vaginal rejuvenation treatment. Likewise, if you experience pain during intercourse, loss of tone, vaginal dryness, you can address all of these issues through vaginal rejuvenation treatment. 

Specific medical clinics offer different vaginal rejuvenation treatments and procedures to help women make their vagina young again. Some provide an entire vaginal treatment procedure, while others offer a kit for you to work on and use. It depends on your needs and wants, but they all achieve the purpose of enhancing your vaginal health and restoring its structural integrity. 

Women who had a hysterectomy or gave birth vaginally may experience vaginal looseness and pelvic relaxation. They can also benefit from a vaginal rejuvenation treatment to address these symptoms. Vaginal rejuvenation is a versatile treatment, and it can effectively treat women no matter their age. Clinics can help you decide what type of treatment suits you best. 

How Does The Treatment Work?

The treatment can be different for each woman, depending on their needs and goals. But if you are considering something that lasts long term and won’t require a procedure, we offer AnteAGE Vaginal Rejuvenation System VRS Box. We utilize the stem cells’ natural power for this treatment: no chemicals, hormones, or other unnatural substances. It’s basically a moisturizer. However, don’t let its simplicity fool you; it can still rejuvenate your vagina. 

The product has a VRS system, which safely rejuvenates the vaginal walls using growth factors and cytokines. You can actually find those same components in your body, but your body no longer produces them as much due to aging. So we are adding some to restore the health of your vagina. The treatment also reduces inflammation risks and increases the hyaluronic acid in your vagina. Hyaluronic acid is the acid that makes your vagina young. Other components restore health, while this one keeps it youthful. 

Once the vagina is rejuvenated, there’s less pain during intercourse, more sensitivity, less dryness, and it becomes tighter too. VRS is the best post-care treatment or homecare solution for your vagina wellness. 

What Can You Expect For The Treatment?

AnteAGE Vaginal Rejuvenation is a homecare solution; it’s not a procedure. What you are going to do is follow the instruction of your provider or what’s in the box. Here’s what you are expected to do. You will be given a box containing the moisturizer that you will use for the treatment—kind of like prescription medicine. 

To administer the treatment:

  1. Hold the applicator wide and insert the narrow end of the product into your vagina.
  2. Squeeze the product at the wide part of the tube.
  3. Use your fingers to aim correctly.
  4. Discard the tube and tip after use. 

Home Care

To allow the treatment to settle, we recommend applying it before going to bed. Likewise, it’s much easier to insert the product while lying down and wear a thin panty liner to absorb any excess liquid that leaks. For your first box, you will have to apply the product every two to three days. Repeat it until you finish the first box. For the next series of boxes, you will only need one box per month and apply the product every six days. 

Post-Procedural Care

If you use this treatment to assist with your post-procedural care, meaning you had other procedures, how often you should apply the product will differ. To accelerate healing from your procedure, use the product every day until you finish the box. After that, do one box a month by applying the product once every six days. You will see the results of the treatment after 1-3 months. 


Taking care of your vaginal wellness is something more women should talk about. If you are interested in a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, make sure to reach out to Taylered Aesthetics. They offer different rejuvenation services, including for your vaginal wellness. 


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