What are Products for Hair Regeneration?

What are Products for Hair Regeneration

Hair is one of the most prominent factors contributing to our appearance. Thinning, receding, or outright balding is generally an insult to our aesthetics. Thankfully, hair regeneration is now widely accessible through various products and treatments.

The Best Product for Hair Regeneration

Taylered Aesthetics offers several cosmetic products, one of which is the AnteAGE MD Home Hair Kit. Without surgery or adverse hormonal effects, the AnteAGE MD® Home Hair System is a breakthrough in promoting healthy, natural hair growth.

Included in the product are the following:

  • Hair Growth Serum, 1 oz (30 ml)
  • 0.25 mm Micro-channeling Stamp (re-usable)
  • Brush for thickening to promote blood flow to the scalp
  • Sanitizer vial for use with the dermal stamp.

How Does the AnteAGE MD Home Hair Kit Work?

By reawakening the dormant stem cells inside the hair follicle and bringing them back to a more vibrant and active growth pattern, this kit is a terrific way to hack your hair growth.

The WNT1 Growth Factors and Cytokines strengthen the hair system by precisely signaling to the dormant stem cells within the hair follicles to regenerate and resume their regular growth patterns. These growth factors have been coupled with polybotanicals, which have been shown to increase blood flow and circulation while reducing inflammation. 

This combination of ingredients in our Hair Serum creates the ideal environment for robust hair growth.

The Hair Serum application kit includes a handheld dermal needling tool and a thickening brush to help the product penetrate the skin more effectively and gently stimulate hair follicles.

The Ingredients of the AnteAGE MD Home Hair Kit

WNT1 BMSC Conditioned Media: When bone marrow stem cells are cultured, physiologically balanced biosignals are generated. During telogen-anagen reentry, follicular environmental regulation, and hair follicle replication and regeneration, WNT1 signaling is controlled. By fine-tuning this signaling, the body can communicate with the follicles more effectively to promote desired hair growth.

Quercetin: Flavonoids and antioxidants from plants with potent anti-inflammatory activity. According to studies, it lowers inflammation levels and reduces PGD2 levels in the scalp, which are three times greater in males with thinning hair.

Cucubarcitin B: This ingredient is found in bitter fruits like melon and squash. Terpene derivatives were found to inhibit the synthesis of DHT, a metabolic by-product of testosterone (dihydrotestosterone). Increased DHT levels are a factor in follicular shrinkage. 

It has been demonstrated that this isolated terpene directly inhibits the Jak-STAT cell signaling system. According to research, pharmacological blockage of this intracellular route stimulates follicular anagen entrance, which activates the master Wnt pathway synergistically to promote fast hair regrowth.

How to Use the AnteAGE MD Home Hair Kit?

You can use AnteAGE® Hair Serum with or without the included microneedle stamp, but stamping significantly increases skin penetration. The needle is 0.25 mm long; the skin does not need to be numbed when using the microneedling stamp.

Start by applying 1-2 drops of Serum to a clean, towel-dried scalp. Use the provided stamping tool to move up and down lightly and around the treatment area many times. The included Thickening Brush can also be used to apply the Serum to your scalp.

You can use the Hair Serum five days a week to improve the results of expert, in-office treatments. To kickstart your journey toward hair regrowth, you can also use the Home Hair Kit on its own.

The Home Hair System functions best when combined with salon services for hair, such as PRP or microneedling. It will work best when used regularly. Apply Hair Serum in the evening for convenience, and let it penetrate as you sleep.

If not using the dermal stamp, apply the Hair Serum five times a week. Use the Thickening Brush to massage the scalp for 30 seconds in each location. The skin will soon absorb the product.

Use this product as needed to develop fuller, thicker hair quickly without using harsh sulfates or dangerous chemicals. For optimum results, use the components in this kit in your own home as directed.

What Makes the AnteAGE MD Home Hair Kit the Best Hair Regeneration Product?

The AnteAGE® Skincare System was developed for more than three years until it was introduced in 2012. The main distinction between growth factors (GFs) produced by other companies is that the latter is derived from cytokine “powerhouses” called mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), not from fibroblasts (derived from fetal foreskin) or fat cells (adipocytes) removed by liposuction.

MSC Separates AnteAGE Home Hair Kit from Other Hair Regrowth Products

Compared to fibroblasts, MSC stem cells produce a concentration of important GFs that is fifty times higher. As you age, your body’s MSC levels decrease. In fact, at age 15, there are 10,000 cells in your bone marrow for every MSC. Only 2.5% of these cells are still present at age fifty.

These stem cells enter the bloodstream and are transported to all organs, just as the red, white, and platelet cells come from the bone marrow. Some may differentiate into the cell types (e.g., muscle, cartilage, nerve, etc.) required for repair when they reach damage. However, their primary function is to command and control other neighboring healing cells.

Mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow are the preferred cell to culture to obtain bio-signals for use in skin-care products based on healing physiology and the known detrimental effects of inflammation on the skin.

The Best Treatment for Hair Regeneration

Aside from offering the best hair regeneration product, Tailored Aesthetics also provides the best hair regeneration treatment. This treatment uses the AnteAGE MD Hair Microneedling solution to get your hair thicker and fuller.

The number of treatments, the size of the treatment area, and the objectives of each patient vary. Typically, 4-6 treatments with the AnteAGE MD At Home Hair System are required to get the best results.

Within six weeks of your treatment, the results start to show. Your scalp will keep improving for up to a year following the procedure.

Hair Regeneration with Taylered Aesthetics

If you have any questions about the therapy, it is best to speak with our professional team. Contact Taylered Aesthetics for a free consultation on hair regeneration or other treatments. Contact information for us includes 402-340-3770 and tayler.aprn@gmail.com; you can also use our contact forms.



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