What Treatments Do Dermatologists Offer for Acne?

What Treatments Do Dermatologists Offer for Acne

What are your options for treating pesky and persistent acne? What do dermatologists and medical spas have to offer you? Taylered Aesthetics offers you several treatment options against acne.

The Taylered Aesthetics Acne Treatment

Ideal for people hoping to get rid of acne and scars, this individualized acne treatment plan’s solutions include:

  • A personalized home care schedule.
  • Treatments or assessments every two weeks.
  • Home care and lifestyle modifications.

Within three to six months, your acne will be under control and minimized if you have the discipline to adhere to all the advice.

How the Acne Treatment Works

Acne is a hereditary condition of the pores that causes abnormally rapid exfoliation of dead skin cells. One layer of skin cells is shed daily by normal pores. The body can’t keep up with the five layers of skin cells that acne-prone pores shed daily.

This daily shedding results in the formation of the microcomedone, which triggers acne. It can take up to 90 days to turn into under-the-skin congestion or blackheads.

The new acne that might occur 90 days from now won’t form, thanks to your personalized acne treatments and advice. Depending on your particular type of acne, the Taylered Aesthetics Bootcamp seeks to reduce it in three to six months.

You’ll need to create a home care routine that considers at least five factors, including the environment, your skin type, skin color, and the type of acne you have. Your dedication to following your home care regimen instructions will be vital to clearing up your skin.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Depending on your regular skincare practice and the types of treatments you paired with at-home care, the results could endure for a long time. To acquire soft, smooth skin rapidly, you might choose to combine a home care regimen with chemical or corrective peels.

Are There Side Effects?

Yes, there are side effects to acne treatment. Mild dryness or irritation could occur. However, we make sure that your specialized home care routine is made to match your skin type.

When Will You See Results?

After beginning the treatment, you can see results after 4-6 weeks. Within 30 to 90 days, the inner layers of your skin will produce acne-related impactions. The results differ from person to person, depending on the patient’s skin type. For six to twelve months following the surgery, your skin will keep getting better.


The Taylered Aesthetics dermaplaning procedure creates exfoliated, bright “new skin” in a three-step process. After cleaning, our esthetician begins the exfoliation process utilizing a sterile surgical blade and gentle feathering strokes to remove surface dead skin cells and vellus hair.

To further exfoliate the skin, an enzyme peel is used afterward. To further improve the results, stem cell growth agents are administered to the new skin.

The exfoliation process removes dead skin cells and cleanses the skin. Clear, clean, and exfoliated skin is assuredly acne-free.

When Will You See Results and How Lond Do They Last?

The day after your treatment, you’ll see an improvement in your appearance. Results last for several weeks after that.

You should schedule a dermaplaning treatment every four to six weeks. This scheduling system aligns with the 28–30 day average natural skin cell turnover rate.

Does Dermaplaning Have Side Effects?

Following a treatment, your skin can be slightly more sensitive to the sun for a few hours. You might also notice slight redness for a few hours after the procedure.


Microneedling is a powerhouse treatment for various skin conditions. It treats several types of problems, including acne and acne scars.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

The average range of treatments needed to get the desired results is between three and six. We advise taking at least two sessions each year once you reach your desired results to maintain them. For the best results, combine expert treatments with a suggested medical-grade home program.

How Long Do the Results Last and When Will They Show?

Within a week following your treatment, you’ll notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin.

The effects might last 8 to 12 weeks. The results might continue for longer than twelve weeks if you take care of your skin well. For the best results, we advise using natural skincare cleansers and moisturizers daily and exfoliating your skin at least once a month.

Does Microneedling Have Side Effects?

Yes, it does. Mild skin irritation or redness could occur; however, it will go away in a few days. You might also feel tight, “wind-burned,” and have some light flaking.

VI Peel

For the best results for customers, the VI Peel combines five distinct acids. After cleaning your skin, it is then prepared for the peel. To achieve the best peel penetration, we will degrease your skin using a prepared towelette to remove any oils from the top layer of skin.

Depending on the person, there may be 4 to 6 passes when applying the peel. The average appointment lasts for 30 minutes.

VI Peel offers several benefits, including repair for sun damage, age spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne, and acne scars.

When Will You See Results and How Long Will They Last?

After your treatment, your skin’s radiance will improve in four to five days.

A good skincare regimen affects how long the effects last. Exfoliate at least once monthly, ensuring your skin is clean and moisturized. You’ll require follow-up treatments four times a year to maintain luminous skin.

What are the Side Effects?

Following treatment, your skin may exhibit redness, slight edema, hyperpigmentation, or dark patches. These signs pass after a few days.

BBL Forever Clear

Modern acne treatment BBL Forever Clear employs laser beams to treat acne comfortably. It’s also the most sophisticated method for treating acne at its source, deep under the skin’s layers. Use a handheld device to perform a noninvasive process that will regenerate the skin’s cells and leave you with smooth, beautiful skin.

When Will You See the Results?

After your first treatment, you’ll see benefits. The smoothness and suppleness of the skin both increase. If you want the best results, we advise scheduling four treatments, with a month between each session. Follow-up therapies could also be essential to assist you in lessening the bacteria that cause acne.

Get the Best Treatment for Acne at Taylered Aesthetics

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